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This space was created for you  by someone who gets it – your grief; your foundation-shattering reality;  and the question of what the heck do we do with all of these shattered pieces of life and loss around us.


My hope is to make you feel less alone, and to be a beacon of light and source of support for anyone embarking on this journey, whether through my 12-week 1:1 grief mentorship program, monthly virtual meetups, podcast, or other ways to work with me.

It’s also for the listener who wants to better understand their grieving person, and perhaps wants to learn how to help.

This podcast will feature interviews with first-hand experiencers and professionals, who will shine a light on the broad spectrum of experiences, feelings, secondary losses, and takeaways.

I'll share my personal story of the sudden loss of my younger brother, only sibling, a day after we celebrated his 32nd birthday. I'll also go into how that loss, trauma, and grief catapulted me into a truth-seeking journey, which ultimately led me to answer "the calling" of creating this space I now call Grief and Light.

There will be a strong focus on adult sibling grief, as this is the experience I know best.

You can expect open and authentic conversations about sharing our raw truths, and explorations of how to transmute the grief experience into meaning, and even joy.

Thank you for being here.

We're in this together.


Nina Rodríguez

Yosef's Sister


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"We're all just walking
each other HOME."

                                                             - Ram Dass

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