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Heart-to-Heart Grief Support

As grievers, reclaiming our sense of agency,

understanding how the landscape of our lives has shifted after loss,

and learning what we need to be supported, and knowing how to communicate them,

is key to navigating grief after loss.


By gifting yourself this program, you'll be supported by someone who has walked the path,

completed Megan Devine's Grief Care Certification Program, is grief-informed in multiple losses,

and will help you regain your balance, authority, and confidence in a post-grief reality.

Pink Dahlia


This 1:1 grief mentorship program is designed to help you identify ways to move forward after the loss of your loved one(s). This means we'll approach your grief experience from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. 

Who is this program for?

6-month training completed. trained by megan devine, refuge in grief logo. seal certifying completion of grief care provider training.

This program is for anyone navigating grief, whether you're struggling with loss, seeking support to move forward, or wanting to learn healthy coping strategies. If you're on a journey through grief, this is for you – discover strength, resilience, and a brighter future with our tailored program.

Whether you are based in the United States, as I am, or reside outside of the US, we will work out a schedule that is comfortable for both. Please note I only work with adults at this time.

What you will gain:


  • A sacred container for you to grieve fully

  • 1:1 Heart-to-Heart Mentorship from someone who gets it

  • Personalized support, tailored to your specific needs

  • Understanding how your beliefs about grief influence your journey

  • Understanding secondary losses (the domino effect of loss) and how to relate to them

  • Identifying what is helpful vs. unhelpful in grief, and how to communicate your needs

  • Practical tools and resources to help you regain your footing in life, at your own pace

We will explore:


  • How to connect to yourself in this new reality in a way that feels safe

  • How to trust yourself to get through the next chapter

  • How to identify and express your grief

  • How to cope with the emotional pain of grief

  • How to show yourself grace in grief

This program is not for you if you:

  • are not ready to receive guidance and open yourself up to the experience

  • are primarily expecting to be "given the answers" from an external source

  • expect quick fixes and rapid transformations (grief has no timeline)

  • are not committed to processing the emotions that arise

  • are not committed to showing up for yourself

  • expect a calculated and linear approach to grief

  • are not ready to invest time, energy, or resources at this time

To get started:


To get started, simply contact me to schedule a complimentary clarity call.  We will discuss your particular loss and needs, and explore if this program is a good fit.

*** Please complete the Heart-to-Heart Application prior to our clarity call.***

Selected package includes:

  • 55 minute video calls (Google Meet or Riverside)

  • Actionable items after each session

  • Direct access to your grief guide via Voxer app

  • Tailored Grief-Informed Support that goes at your own pace

  • Practical tools to regain your personal power and set loving boundaries

The goal of grief mentorship is to help you honor your process, regain your footing, and identify ways to move forward with your life. You'll have someone who has walked the path before lighting the way and walking with you on yours.


Ready to take the next step?

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